Day of Defeat – CAL Predictions

Faz um tempão que não posto nada sobre campeonatos de Day of Defeat, mas esta notícia postada no site da GotFrag, vale o registro.

Confira trecho retirado da prediction realizada por Christian “LOVEMAKER_” Hatmaker, (WTF is that guy), sobre o jogo que será realizado pelo nPg contra Dumbledores

“Players to watch: espanhoL, ao Though nobody has given Nascidos Pro Gamers any respect, mostly because nobody has heard of them. I scrimmed against them once, where their server changed my rate to 36000, and my update rate to 256. I don’t know how they do things in that country, but just for that, I hope they lose. Dumbledores Army has a few nice looking men on it, and I suspect ao and anal-log will be trying very hard to get their team into invite. I do like the guys on the team, but for some reason I foresee Nasidos Pro Gamers winning this match by a lot. Something about the way they use broken English both confuses me, and amazes me. Unless Austizzle has a great axis half I’m going to take NPG by 30.”

O cara é uma piada ou não??!!?!

Leia mais no site da GotFrag

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