PS3 ‘hello world’ homebrew

Mais informações sobre a façanha realizada por dragula96, leia no fórum abaixo, também disponível imagem e código fonte, que explora falha no Unreal Tornament 3 versão 1.10

  • ps3 hello world by dragula96 4.1.08
  • this is a proof of concept/hello world
  • this already works with firmware version 2.20
  • the idea is to use this method to try and code games to play via the ps3.
  • this file was only originally uploaded
  • everyone else grabbed it from there.


  • place the USERDATA.JAM file on the root directory of a usb memory stick
  • then add mod via UT3 on ps3 the normal way you would any other mod
  • start up an instant match, set opponents to 0, select mutator option
  • go down the list select Hello World, run game.
  • hud will be replaced by hello world screen.

Video demonstrando a façanha

origem: kotaku

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