Call of Duty Drops

Activision have given players the opportunity to earn free in-game gear in Modern Warfare simply by watching Call of Duty streamers on Twitch.

There was a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding the release of Modern Warfare on October 25, as the community finally got a new game to enjoy after a long year of Black Ops 4.

Activision have added to all that excitement by partnering up with Twitch to give out item drops through any eligible channel that’s streaming the game. 

There are a total of four items that players can earn, each unlocked after watching streams for a certain length of time:

  1. ‘Poison Grapes’ Spray – unlocked after one hour of watching
  2. ‘Looking Grim’ Emblem – two hours
  3. ‘Collect Your Soul’ Calling Card – three hours
  4. ‘Reap This’ Weapon Charm – four hours
  • Step 1: Streamers must link their Call of Duty and Twitch accounts by visiting the Activision website HERE. Even if they’ve linked the accounts in the past, they have to re-link them. Once the Twitch Drop is successfully enabled, a confirmation will appear at the bottom of the screen on stream.
  • Step 2: Both streamers and viewers need to have an active Call of Duty account, which they make get HERE.
  • Step 3: Viewers must have their Call of Duty and Twitch accounts linked to earn the item drops. Even if the accounts were linked in the past, they need to be linked again. That all can be done by visiting the CoD website HERE.
  • Step 4: Once all that is done, and the Twitch Drops confirmation is showing on the screen, then viewers can start watching to earn the items.

The official Call of Duty Twitter page has listed several big-name streamers who all have Twitch Drops enabled, so watching these streams will guarantee you free items.

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